The Wrekking Hours with The Gothabillie Man

Radio Cobra Detroit is so excited to host “The Wrekking Hours” with DJ “The Gothabillie Man” every Sunday night from 9pm-11pm.

The Wrekking Hours show started in 1995 as a Psychobilly focused program hosted by Alan Contino as “The Gothabillie Man” and moved to WHFR 89.3fm in Detroit in 1998.  Once on broadcast radio Alan expanded the playlist segments to include traditional and neo-Rockabilly styles.  Throughout the shows history Surf rock was also a regular feature as local and international Surf bands were resurfacing.  In 2010 due to overwhelming listener request, Surf Rock was made a regular segment as part of the show.

Now in its 25 year on broadcast radio, The Wrekking Hours features 3 full segments covering Psychobilly from 1978 to present followed by a Surf Rock set covering 1960s to present and finally finishes off with Rockabilly from the late 1940s to present day.  Having a home on Detroit airwaves, The Wrekking Hours frequently focuses on the local Psychobilly, Surf and Rockabilly music scene.

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