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Radio Dayz…101 Years of Radio

Hey there.. Ron Robinson here from The Morning Cobra Show. I wanted to share with you a possible story about a documentary series I produced about the history of Radio, called “Radio Days…101 Years of Radio”

It took me nine years to put this National Radio story with a Detroit lean together and is now available to stream.

I started this project to pose the question, what happened to the Radio DJ?  How did they go from being rock stars to almost an obsolete entity?…

What evolved was a 5 part docu-series about the history of Radio…From its inception in 1920 to current day, this series covers it all from the perspective of over 40 Radio DJ’S, historians and Executives…among those who appear are Dick Purtan, Ken Calvert, Doug Podell, Duke Fakir, Jyl Forsyth, Greg Russell, Dick Kernen, Art Regner, Terry Foster, Paul W Smith, Renee Vitale, Jo-Jo Shutty-MacGregor, Fred Jacobs and many others.

This series is now available on Vimeo Pay Per View as well as “Reveel’, which is a free streaming service anyone can get. “Reveel” is a Streaming Service which focuses in content produced by independent filmmakers

Below are links to the documentary’s website, The vimeo Pay per view site where you can watch the series and links to promo trailers I have produced to promote the series. I have also attached a press release..If you have any questions please reach out. Any publicity will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time…

Best Regards 


episode 1 trailer

episode 2 trailer

episode 3 trailer 

episode 4 trailer

episode 5 trailer

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