Morning Cobra on Radio Cobra Detroit!

Morning Cobra with Greg, Bruce, Jennifer & Lisa! Here are some Cobra clicks to podcast interviews, and much more! Tune in every Monday-Friday from 7 to 10am. It’s the best radio not on the radio on Radio Cobra Detroit! If you would like to get an interview on our Morning Cobra show or do a […]

Radio Cobra’s X-Files

The X Files with Chuck Santoni weekdays from 12 to 1pm EST. Legendary WABX DJ Chuck Santoni brings back the station of your wildest dreams with a deep dive into the music that rocked Detroit. Wanna tell Chuck what to do, you’re outta luck… But you can tell him what to play, and if you […]

Radio Cobra’s Hot Tub Saturday Night

Join Radio Cobra Detroit for a very relaxing evening with Jamie Flanagan for his show Hot Tub Saturday Night! See below for the podcasts that you can listen to of shows from week’s past.

Radio Cobra’s 90’s at 9

Join Jennifer St. James from the Next Jenn night service every weeknight from 9-10pm on Radio Cobra for a new specialty show called 90’s at 9. She going to feature all sorts of great bands and music from the 1990’s. Let’s get out our mix tapes and go back to one of the best decades […]

Radio Cobra’s Homeboy Show

Sundays 5-7pm Radio Cobra hosts will feature local Detroit music and musicans. We will also have interviews with local bands and artists.

Radio Cobra’s Acoustic Alternatives with John Bommarito

Sundays 6-10am Join Radio Cobra Detroit for Acoustic Alternatives with John Bommarito. Start your Sunday off nice and easy! You can tune in every Sunday morning from 6am-10am. From 9am-10am, John will feature his award-winning Acoustic Alternatives 1 hour specialty show featuring the best local singers and songwriters, as well as some great acoustic music. […]

The Wrekking Hours with The Gothabillie Man

Radio Cobra Detroit is so excited to host “The Wrekking Hours” with DJ “The Gothabillie Man” every Sunday night from 9pm-11pm. The Wrekking Hours show started in 1995 as a Psychobilly focused program hosted by Alan Contino as “The Gothabillie Man” and moved to WHFR 89.3fm in Detroit in 1998.  Once on broadcast radio Alan […]

Radio Cobra’s Club Cobra

Radio Cobra has a brand new dance party! It’s Club Cobra. Check out our Radio Cobra DJ’s at local club and music events as well as our podcasts below.

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