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Midnight Funk Revisited

Midnight Funk Revisted

Midnight Funk Revisited is a tribute to another amazing moment in Detroit radio. Radio Cobra Detroit honors the sounds and stations that have shaped Detroit and the country. From the amazing freeform fashion of WABX to the Cutting-Edge culture that was part of the launch of the ‘Alternative’ format with 89X. And now a tribute to the mind-blowing radio show that was the Midnight Funk Assocation with the Electrifying Mojo. Our DJ Jimmie V waves the Mothership back into Detroit airspace with the Midnight Funk Revisited. We welcome your requests and memories of this groundbreaking time in Detroit radio. We thank the Electrifying Mojo (Charles Johnson) for what he did to shape the sound of this city. Charles, there is always an open mic waiting for your return as well. 

Join us every Friday and Sunday 10p-2a (eastern) for the Midnight Funk Revisited. 

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