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Jimmie V

Midnight Funk Revisited- Fridays & Sundays 10pm-2am

Born and raised in Detroit, Jimmie V. had both parents expose him to different genres of music including the Motown sound and later Rock & Roll.

In his early teens, Jimmy branched out listening to more experimental forms of music such as Funk, 80’s New Wave, Industrial, Electronic, House Music and the list goes on.  As a teenager in junior high and high school, Jimmy was further exposed to all these musical forms by The Electrifying Mojo as well as others.

Today he continues the legacy by exposing the later generations including going down memory lane the old school music. Jimmy’s message is “I Promote what I call “Real Music” music with a purpose, a message if you will.”

Jimmy has used his formula to bring back certain semi-famous artists to help contribute their new music in today’s music mainstream. 

Be sure to catch Jimmy every Friday and Sunday night from 10pm-2am on Radio Cobra Detroit for Midnight Funk Revisited, a show that pays homage to the music and the mothership magic of Electrifying Mojo.

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