Greg St. James

Morning Cobra – Weekdays- 7 am – 10 am My name is Greg St. James and I am the Head Honcho, Chief Pilot, and

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Ron Robinson

Morning Cobra – Weekdays- 7 am – 10 am Ron has worked at many radio and TV stations including WJR in Detroit…WSJM and WYTZ

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Bruce Kahn

Morning Cobra – Weekdays- 7am – 10am Snakeskin Blues- Sundays 7pm-8pm Bruce is one of those guys you would call a rock dog. Since

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Lisa Lakian

Morning Cobra – Weekdays- 7 am – 10 am Lisa is a Metro Detroit native and is part of our Morning Cobra crew. She

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Chuck Santoni

Radio Cobra Middays – 10 am-2 pm My life has always been about music. From hearing my mom’s early R&B records of The Ink

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The J-Bone Show – Weekdays- 2pm-6pm Growing up throughout the 90s and 2000s in the metro Detroit area, J-Bone has always kept his finger

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Jennifer St. James

Jenn – Next Jenn Night Service: Monday – Friday 6 pm – 10 pm Hi, I’m Cobra Pilot Jenn (Jennifer St. James) from the

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